Website Design

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Having a website for your business is essential in today’s world. Your website is the home of your business online. It’s often a potential client’s first impression of you and your business. Therefore, it’s important that your website design is conducive to a great user experience.

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page or other social media accounts. If the social media platform disappears, you lose all the hard work (and content) you put into it. Whereas you own your website and have more control. I run daily (if your website gets updated regularly) or weekly backups of your website to ensure that you never lose anything.

A professional website can guide a potential client or customer to where you want them to go. Thereby improving conversion rates. Keeping your website active and up to date also helps build trust. 

Just as essential is that your website design is mobile friendly and fully responsive. Meaning, it works on any device or browser. Not only is it important to me to design and build a website driven by your objectives, but also to make sure that it will engage your clients and customers. Constantly keeping their experience in mind.

I build your website on the WordPress platform. WordPress currently powers about 30% of the internet and for good reason. Using this platform your website can grow along with your business. This will allow you to have an unlimited number of pages, and is perfect for growing and maintaining a blog (which is excellent for SEO). It’s also easy to keep your website updated yourself and make changes.

Having a nice-looking website is not enough. Just like that fancy new car. It’s wasting space if it’s just sitting in the garage, instead of being out on the road doing what it was made for. Which is why I ensure your website is optimized for organic search by employing basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I also offer advanced SEO (highly recommended), which will give you even more search engine visibility, helping you reach the first page for your search term.





I start with research and learning more about your business and brand, goals, and target market.



Once the strategy has been developed, the web design work begins. Fun!



After your final approval and last checks to make sure everything is working perfectly, it’s time to go live!



Your website should evolve along with your business, so keeping it updated and “healthy” is vital.



Business/Personal WordPress Website: R5 000
eCommerce WordPress Website: Starting at R8 000